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Our Dance Program is designed for every child. Our aim is to foster a love of dance and enhance each child’s self esteem. 

Registration for September 2020 is NOW OPEN!


Pre-Primary Ballet: Kindergarten at school
Primary Ballet: Grade 1 at school

At Langley Dance Academy, ballet students learn curriculum set by the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). The curriculum is designed for each age level. The dance vocabulary is taught carefully through certified RAD teachers. Each child’s age and physical capabilities dictate the level at which they dance. Students who participate in ballet lessons may be invited to take examinations through the Royal Academy of Dance. Please see our RAD Ballet Page for additional information on ballet classes.

What to Wear: 
Girls: Pink bodysuit, pink footed tights, ballet skirt, ballet shoes, and hair in a bun*.      
Boys: Black pants, white t-shirt, and white or black ballet shoes.

*We recommend our LDA Dancewear for our Pre-Primary and Primary female students. They are great pieces to start with and they provide a comfortable base that can be used for several of our classes if your child decides to carry on in dance. They are required for those who will be participating in Ballet Exams. You can conveniently purchase bodysuits, tights, and skirts for a complete outfit at our studio.

“My daughter has danced at Langley Dance Academy for 4 years and I truly love it. The growth in her confidence and self esteem is beyond measured. She has met new friends and loves dancing. As a parent I appreciate the age appropriate costumes, dance moves and music.” – Mom of Mady P

Pre-Jazz: Age 5
Jazz 1: Ages 6-7
Jazz 2: Ages 8-9
Jazz 3/Pre-Teen Jazz: Ages 10+

Jazz follows a specific vocabulary. It is similar to Ballet in the regard that students progress through levels increasing difficulty and complexity with age and ability. Students learn skills such as turns, kicks, balances, jumps and travelling sequences. The skills learned in Jazz incorporate many levels of space, movement patterns and formations. Jazz vocabulary is performed to popular music.

Pre-Teen Jazz is an awesome class for dancers aged 10+ to stay active in a fun and approachable environment. This class will include warm up, stretching, across the floors, and combination component. No experience is necessary for this class.

What to Wear: 
Bodysuits or form fitting tank tops or shirt with shorts or capris, black jazz shoes, and hair up.

Hip Hop

Pre-Hip Hop: Age 5
Hip Hop 1: Ages 6-7
Hip Hop 2: Ages 7-9
Hip Hop 3: Ages 8-10
Pre-Teen Hip Hop: Ages 10+
Ultimate Breakdance 1: Ages 5 – 9
Ultimate Breakdance 2: Ages 9+

 Hip Hop is an introduction to hip hop that focuses on rhythm and fun energetic moves that give students a foundation for movement and breakdance.

What to Wear: 
Loose clothing, like sweatpants or basketball shorts and a t-shirt, with non-slip, clean, indoor running shoes.


Pre-Tap: Age 5
Tap 1: Ages 6-7
Tap 2: Ages 8-9
Tap 3/4: Ages 10+
Pre-Teen Tap: Ages 10+

All of our Tap programs offer an introduction to tap dancing technique. The curriculum is based on the skills set forth by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD). This syllabus is designed for each age and ability of the student with a focus on fun and movement. Students who participate in tap lessons may be invited to take examinations through the ISTD.

What to Wear: 
Bodysuit or form-fitting tank top or t-shirt with form fitting shorts or capris, black tap shoes, and hair off of the face.

Musical Theatre – Broadway Bound

Broadway Bound 1 : Ages 5 – 7
Broadway Bound 2: Ages 7 – 9
Broadway Bound 3: Ages 9- 12

Musical Theatre is a jazz-based dance class that encompasses movement, lip synching, and dancing all in one. This class is considered a performance class at LDA and will perform in the community 2-4 times each season, in addition to the December and June Recitals.

What to Wear: 
Bodysuits or form fitting tank tops or shirt with shorts or capris, black jazz shoes, and hair up.