Registration – Fees

Fees 2020 – 2021

Registration Fee – $36 + SOCAN Music Fee – $3.00

Costume Fees:  2020/2021 Costume fees are subject to change**

30-Minute Classes$55
45-Minute Classes$60
1-Hour Classes$78
Grade 1-5 Ballet$78
Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate Ballet$145
Advanced Foundation and Advanced 1/2 Ballet$205

Class Fees:

30-Minute Classes$44 per month
45-Minute Classes$62 per month
1- Hour Classes$77.50 per month
Grade 1 – 5 Ballet$136 per month
Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate Ballet$220 – 250 per month
Advanced Ballet$250 per month

*Prices do not include GST
*Multiple class and sibling discounts will be applied