Elise Melo: 

We are so thrilled to have Miss Elise join us for the 2022-2023 season.

Miss Elise is as a versatile dancer, choreographer, instructor and movement coach

with a drive to empower and inspire the next generation of dancers. Her work

ethic, dedication and passion has led her all over the world training and teaching

alongside world renowned choreographers. 

She has been a faculty assistant and crew leader for Groove Street Dance Conventions for the past 17 years landing her incredible opportunities to assist Vincent Patterson ( Michael Jacksonʼs

Choreographer) Luther Brown, Stephen “TWITCH” Boss, Gus Bembery and many

more prominent Choreographers. Elise has been teaching for nearly 20 years and

is known for helping dancers own who they are. Her unique style of teaching

allows dancers to reach passed limitations they have placed on themselves while

giving them the tools, confidence and guidance to bring out the very best in


Miss Elise is extensively trained in a variety of styles and her dedication

and experience to the dance industry has allowed her to be successful in a wide

range of opportunities using all of her skill sets. Dancing professionally in tv and

film some of her credits include, International commercials for Michelob Ultra,

Nickelodeonʼs Rags, YTVʼs Mr. Young, ABCʼs pilot Big Thunder and feature film

Lost and Found, appearing in Music Videos for Michael Buble, Ray J, Big Time

Rush and many more. With tons of experience dancing on sets Elise now focuses

on working behind the scenes to help the next generation of dancers and artists.

Most recently being a Famous Hollywood Directors Assistant for a tv series on

Apple TV and Paramount Pictures. 

Some of Eliseʼs other credentials include, being the owner and artistic director of her own dance studio, winning many choreography awards, adjudicating all over Canada , Emceeing and hosting many industry events and competitions, guest teaching for numerous studios as well as

pre professional companies, Hosting self belief and guidance workshops as well

auditions. Having such a wide range of skillsets within the dance industry and

knowing first hand how dance can be life saving, she never misses an opportunity

to make a positive impact with every moment of teaching. Eliseʼs main love is

helping students realize their endless possibilities within themselves through the

exploration of movement, hard work and self belief.

We could not be more excited for Miss Elise to join the Langley Dance Academy family.