Danica McGaffney: 

Miss Danica’s journey into the world of dance began at the age of two when she took her very first dance class, and she’s been dancing her heart out ever since. With a diverse and comprehensive dance background, Miss Danica has honed her skills in a multitude of styles, including Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, and Modern. Her commitment to perfecting her craft has taken her to the stage of various local events such as Vancouver’s Santa Claus, Halloween, and Canada Day Parades. 

Miss Danica’s passion for dance extends beyond her personal experiences. In 2013, she took the next step in her dance journey and embarked on a new adventure as a dance teacher. Over the years, she’s had the pleasure of nurturing young talents, teaching dancers as young as two years old and guiding them on their own path of rhythmic discovery. Her work as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator for a private school outside of the studio reflects her deep-rooted love for working with children, fostering their growth and development. 

Teaching dance isn’t just a job for Miss Danica; it’s a labor of love. Her commitment goes beyond just teaching steps and routines; it’s about inspiring her students. She strives to share her unwavering love and passion for dance, infusing her classes with energy, creativity, and the belief that dance can be a lifelong journey of self-expression and personal growth. So, if you’re ready to take the leap and explore the enchanting world of dance, Miss Danica is here to guide, inspire, and dance with you every step of the way.