Recital 2021-2022

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Into The Woods

Photo Days

Every recreational class will have a scheduled photo some time between May 31 and June 3rd. Please follow the link below to find your dancers specific photo time. If your dancer is in multiple classes, there will a photo time for each class. 

If you will not be attending photo days please email us so we can update the schedule accordingly. Our schedule is organized to the minute, so we appreciate all the notice possible. If you have any questions please let us know.

In Studio Rehearsals

June 20-23rd we will have in studio rehearsals. Classes will be cancelled during this time to facilitate full run throughs of each show at the studio.

Dancers can wear their costumes, however full hair and makeup is not required.

Show #1 (Saturday June 25th 12PM) 
In Studio rehearsal is Monday, June 20th at 5PM.
Show #2 (Saturday June 25th at 3PM)
In Studio rehearsal is Tuesday, June 21st at 5PM.
Show #3 (Sunday June 26th at 3PM)
In studio rehearsal is Wednesday June 22nd at 5PM.
Show #4 (Sunday June 26th at 6PM)
In studio rehearsal is Thursday June 23rd at 5PM.
More info on pick up and drop off to come!

Recital Schedule

Please click the button to find out which recital your dancer is in. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out, we are happy to help.

All recitals will be at Chandos Pattison Auditorium.

Bow schedule

After all dances have performed at each recital every dancer will return to the stage for a big finale and perform the “bow”.

 There is one bow dance rehearsal for each show. If your dancer is in one show, they will attend one bow rehearsal, etc. 

Bow rehearsals are all at Langley Dance Academy. Drop off and pick up information will be sent out beforehand. Dancers should wear all appropriate dance wear and shoes please.

Recital Tickets

Our tickets will go on sale via the link below in June. We will let our dance families know the moment they go on sale.