October 2018

“I Just wanted to share with you what Olivia had to say about your  Adaptive Hip Hop Class:


 ‘Mom, I love going to my Hip Hop class on Thursdays because Miss Alivia’s adaptive Hip Hop is before my class.  I love to watch that class because Miss Alivia makes sure everybody feels like they fit in.  Lots of places don’t make sure that all kids fit in and feel welcome but Miss Alivia does and it makes me so happy!!! Miss Alivia is so awesome Mom.’   – Olivia (7 years old)


Thanks Alivia, we think you are pretty awesome too and such a great Teacher!”

– Kelly (Dance Mom)

June 2018

“I was so excited that Isabelle was going to finally be registered with LDA this past year. Her older cousin Julie had started as a sweet pea and I couldn’t wait for our Isabelle to follow in her foot steps. Every week Isabelle asks when ‘Barrerina’ is. And we look forward to seeing our friends and Miss Lana every Saturday. Isabelle is a very busy toddler, full of energy, and I appreciate how patient and kind Miss Lana is with her. In a few weeks we will have the recital and I’m very excited to see her up on stage along with her cousin as I have been to many shows but this will be my first watching as a mom.   Looking forward to Isabelle trying Tap along with Ballet next year.”

– Carly S (Dance Mom)

September 2018

“We heard about a new studio opening and children could try different classes in the summer, Andrea and Kristen tried ballet and they had found there dance home.  We have stayed because we have found more than a studio in LDA we have found family.  I have found LDA to treat both my girls as individuals and have gone out of their way to make this a safe and happy place.  The staff are incredible!”

– Sonia (Dance Mom)

June 2018

“My daughter has been dancing at LDA for the last four years and she LOVES it! She is truly inspired by the kind, caring and talented teachers and staff that work here.  As a mother, I am so proud to see her learn and grow and know she’s amongst a great family of support at LDA. I’d highly recommend this studio to anyone who wants to see their child have fun and succeed at their goals. Thanks LDA for encouraging my daughters passion for dance and the amazing support and guidance you have given her!”

– Jennifer R (Dance Mom)

May 2018

“Over 4 years ago, Lauren decided to try out a dance class. We picked Langley Dance Academy because she came for bring a friend week the previous year and really enjoyed it.  That first year, Lauren couldn’t stop talking about a teacher that would come help during class sometimes. That teacher was Miss Seina.  She took Lauren’s passion for dance and helped her bloom into everything she is today. Through all the struggles Lauren and I have faced over the last few years, this loving heart has kept Lauren strong and pushing forward. I’m forever thankful for her endless devotion to showing our dancers how to dream big!”

– Christina J (Dance Mom)

June 2018

“Another year (It’s been 7 in total!) The choreography. The costumes. The lessons. The exam. The competitions. The challenges. The successes. I owe much of Mia’s growth this year, dance and otherwise, to this stunning human. She has been the one who pushes her, calls her on her ****, cheers for her, and at the end of the day, the teacher she’s most excited to share her stories/achievements with.

Thank you Miss Seina for being the everything that you are to Mia. The way you genuinely care for your students is felt immensely in this house and we are forever grateful.  It gives me great comfort to know that Mia has so many strong, passionate, intelligent, fiery women in her life, and that you are included in the group. We appreciate you more than you know.” 

– Kelly S (Dance Mom)

“I just wanted to send a quick message to thank all the amazing dance teachers at LDA. Julie was a little nervous this morning for her exam (she takes after her momma who is an nervous wreck with these things). I love that she was taken care of and helped through her fears and ended up finishing her exam. She loves dance and she told me she was so happy and proud that she did her exam today. We love it at LDA! And I’m so thankful that Julie has a safe place to dance and have her confidence grow!”

-Becky K (Mom of a Pre-Primary Dancer)

“We picked LDA when Dominique was little, so she could dance with her friend from preschool.  She had always had anxiety issues from a young age and had trouble dealing with any new situations or changes to her daily routine.  The LDA staff allowed Dom to work on overcoming her anxiety instead of catering to it.  Sometimes that meant ignoring an emotional outburst at the start of a class and sometimes it was a hug when having a tough day.  Dom learned to face her fears as well as how to work with others towards common goals.  The competitive team raised her self esteem and taught her time management, that sacrifices are expected when you really want something and that you need to do your best when others are depending on you.  She has became confident, learned to accept  leadership and developed a support group of friends that have helped her grow.  The staff has always been so supportive of the many changes in our lives and has given Dom stability and encouragement  during those changes.  Teachers and staff have become role models and confidantes and the studio her comfort zone.  Thank you for 11 wonderful years!”

-Ana C (Mom of a Senior Dancer)

“We have had a great two years at LDA (preschool aged programs). The teachers and staff are warm, loving, and extemely wonderful teachers.”

-Vanessa Z (Mom of a Sweet Pea)

“Dear Seina, Thank you for encouraging Kaira to attain new heights in her dance technique.  But more than that thank you for being so kind, understanding, patient and flexible with us.  Your love for dance is infectious as I notice how much Kaira has grown to love Jazz and Contemporary genres.  All in all, thanks for an awesome year and so many fun memories. Have an awesome Summer. “

Love, Kainaz (Mom of a Senior Dancer)


“Ms Seina, Every time I take one of your classes it’s a breath of fresh air.  You constantly motivate me to push past the limits and thanks to you, I have discovered so many new strengths.  You have dedicated so much work and time into our classes together and I am so thankful. Here’s to an awesome year at LDA!”

– Kaira (Senior Dancer)