Recital 2019

Recital Information 2019

Ticket sales begin on May 15, 2019 and will be available for purchase at the link below!

Which show is my dancer in? Click through to find your child’s class! All shows are on June 22nd at Chandos Pattison Auditorium in Surrey. Arrive 30m before showtime!
Junior NYC Show – 10am
Coppelia – 1pm
New York Show – 4pm

Next find your dancer’s photo day. There are no regular classes during photo days and all sessions take place at LDA. Arrive 15m before your photo ready to go in costume and makeup!
(Updated May 1st)

Tuesday, May 28th
Wednesday May 29th
Thursday May 30th
Friday, May 31st

Next we have some Bow Rehearsals – this is an extra finale piece ALL dancers participate in. Please note your drop off/pick up time. Remember no parent viewing for these rehearsals and just wear regular dance clothes (no costume)!
Bow Rehearsals – All 3 Shows

Tech Rehearsal is when your dancer practices on stage at Chandos Pattison Auditorium in Surrey. Please arrive 15m early in your recital costume (but no makeup this time!). Parents are able to stay and watch this time!
(Updated May 1st)

New York Shows

Last but not least are our In Studio Rehearsals – these take place at LDA and the last chance for your dancer to practice their dance. Arrive 15m early in your regular dance clothes. No parent viewing this time!
Junior New York Show
Senior New York Show

Please note that all above schedules are subject to change. Please always double check your dancer’s schedule. You will receive a class specific schedule for each dance your child is in – this will come attached to their costume with a hair and makeup sheet. All dancers will receive their costume in time for their photo day!

Ticket information will be emailed soon!