Classes – Ballet

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We picked LDA when Dominique was little, so she could dance with her friend from preschool.  She had always had anxiety issues from a young age and had trouble dealing with any new situations or changes to her daily routine.  The LDA staff allowed Dom to work on overcoming her anxiety instead of catering to it.
Sometimes that meant ignoring an emotional outburst at the start of a class and sometimes it was a hug when having a tough day.
Dom learned to face her fears as well as how to work with others towards common goals.  The competitive team raised her self esteem and taught her time management, that sacrifices are expected when you really want something and that you need to do your best when others are depending on you.     She has became confident, learned to accept  leadership and developed a support group of friends that have helped her grow.  The staff has always been so supportive of the many changes in our lives and has given Dom stability and encouragement  during those changes.  Teachers and staff have become role models and confidantes and the studio her comfort zone.
Thank you for 11 wonderful years!
The Cloutiers